Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer Immunotherapy

The conventional cancer therapies have been poorly satisfied due to they have non-specificity, passiveness, limited efficacy and unbearable side effects. To the contrast, while the emerging immunotherapy focus on stimulating the immune system to awake the vital specific and active auto-immunocyte to be able to be targeting on attacking and destroying the remaining cancer cells after surgery to result a much better efficacy in longer life and living quality of a patient after receiving a radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

Immunotherapy emphases on strengthening the autoimmune system of a patient or obtaining the capability of immunity to prevent or cure patient’s disease. The advantage of introducing an immunotherapy is what Specificity, Efficiency and Lasting can be expected. This technology makes use of the human immune system and adopts a medical technic for the cancer patient. Among with 3 conventional treatments of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, the public worldwide has very high expectation ever since to consider the immunotherapy to be the 4th treatment on the list of options.

  • Based on how the patient obtains the immunity to fight with the cancer there are two types of Immunities, Passive Immunity and Active Immunity:

Passive Immunity

The way of Passive Immunity is to have patients receive allogeneic antibodies in order to inhibit the cancer cells metastasis or to kill the cancer cells.

Active Immunity

The active immunity is also known as cancer vaccine, divided into 3 categories as Tumor Cell Vaccine, Tumor Antigen Vaccine and Cell Antigen. It uses human’s tumor debris, synthetic peptide drugs or applying the adoptive immunotherapy to increase the patients’ immunity.

   Immunotherapy has shown remarkable results not just in basic science research but also in clinical trials contemporary. Despite of various types of immunocyte in human body, the most frequent applied in current cancer immunotherapy is NK, Natural Killer Cells, the one and the only one specific cell, T cells and Dendritic Cells, DCs shows the best antigen presenting ability, etc.

Dendritic cell immunotherapy

Dendritic cells originate in human hematopoietic stem cells within bones marrow, the differentiation process begins with the stem cells differentiate into bone marrow precursor cells, then mononuclear and eventually dendritic cells.

Besides DC has the best antigen presenting ability it plays also a significant role in inducing congenital and acquired immune ability. Technologically when DC manipulates the tumor antigen under the most favorable conditions in vitro, DC then becomes a vaccine carrying tumor antigen and ready for injecting to the patient to re-simulates or re-activates cancer killer T cells ability to suppress the grow of cancer.

Mononuclear cells differentiate into Dendritic Cells

   CD8+ lymphocytes recognizes and kills the tumor
  “Autologous Dendritic Cell/ Tumor Antigen” ADCTA cancer immunotherapy is a tailor made cancer treatment takes original autologous cancer antigens and immunocyte from the patient, ADCTA is exactly precise and suitable for every individual patient compared with chemotherapy or target therapeutic drugs which is designed based on a generic characters of cancer cells. ADCTA is able to kill the remaining cancer cells to has a significant result of increasing Overall Survival, OS Rate while the conventional chemotherapy or radiotherapy is applied at the same time. In addition, memory type T cells is produced and persists in the patient body to prevent recurrence or metastasis of cancer.